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My team was responsible for creating the digital experience of the YSDN 2020 graduating showcase. I lead a team of 11 within a larger group of 116 students. Our goal was to create an interesting virtual platform that would replace an in person physical experience.

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Following the guidelines of the gradshow brand team, we designed and put together a large database of students and their work. This website is designed as an experience that viewers can walk through and discover more about the 2020 graduates from the York and Sheridan program in design. I lead the developement and design for both the teaser and the final website.


The navigation is made to connect each page together to feel as if each page is a connected tab, allowing for a more seamless transition.



Over the course of my final year, we spent time designing and developing the gradshow website. For my team, I created gant charts, canban boards and tutorials. We created smaller teams inside our group of 11 who then competed for the best designs.

The goal for the teaser was to give people a first look at the entire gradshow experience. This teaser was designed with a full gradshow in mind, where we can be in contact and close to others. We wanted to leave quite a bit of mystery and hype for the gradshow while revealing the overall brand design.

We used Webflow as the platform to develop the website, incorporating their Content Management System (CMS) in order to create hundreds of pages. In total the website ended up being over 600 pages, with 116 students who each had three or four projects of their own, as well as the home page, works browser, and student browser pages.

Design System

Representing the brand virtually

The website uses only black and white in order to highlight the colourful projects of the students.

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Teaser Link

Teaser Site

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Final Site

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