Mountains of Madness




Book Trailer



Core Skills


Motion Design

Sound Design

Project Summary

This project was made as a visual interpretation of the book "At the Mountains of Madness" by H. P. Lovecraft.


Creating the Scene

By no means do I endorse the ideology and beliefs of the author, but the book provided an opportunity for me to experiment with characters and landscapes. This project tried to make the characters more cartoon like, with a monotenous enviornment in a snowy landscape.

This project was greatly inspired by Mr. Fear by Siames. I wanted to capture a similar aesthetic which was more focused on landscapes and atmosphere.

Each shot represents different scenes from Lovecrafts short stories. As lovecraftian stories are mainly mysteries, I wanted to create more vague scenes that showcase only hints at what may be happening.

The sound design was mainly focused on suspense and mystery and included loud screeches and bangin drums.

Each character is rigged using Duik Bassel and does have faces and expressions, which never ended up being used in the final trailer.

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