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Project Summary

This project was made as a typographic interpretation of the song, Moving Clusters by Sleep Party People. In this project, I was restricted from using footage or visuals that are not self generated.

The song is sung with haunting lyrics and vocals and uses intense and yet still pleasing instrumentation. I used the motif of a hand that stretches and breaks apart as a representation to the theme of the music.


Creating the Scene

This projects main focus was creating interesting typographic motion without too many visuals and no additional footage. Therefore, what looks to be blotches and scratches are actually distorted letters used previously.

The lyrics, written by Brian Batz, makes many allusions to various parts of the body and various body functions. This made the song seem to describe an organism, which in my mind, looks similar to the creature at the end of Playdead's, Inside

The hand motif used throughout was a rig created using Duik Bassel. This allowed for the hand to look like it can be manipulated in any dimension and also helped me avoid using any footage. This hand rig allowed full control over the hand positions and styling of the way the fingers moved.

The typography was made to reinforce a theme throughout the clip in a non-linear fashion. The way the type moves and stretches is made to invoke an uncanny feeling.

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